Service & Repair

Glenfield Valves Ltd are well known for their robust valves which incorporate within their design high factors of safety. Our valves have a well founded reputation for reliability and long trouble free operation.

This reputation has been forged from knowing the needs of the user and supplying product that in many cases exceeds their expectations. This philosophy follows through into our service support, where we have a fast, efficient and professional response.

Service & Repair

Glenfield Valves Ltd Service Support offers the latest specialist knowledge and capability, offering the advantage, as manufacturers of the valves of utilising our in house Engineers.

The Glenfield repairs come with a guarantee on the repair using only original certified OEM parts.

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Overview of our services
Spares• Execution of inspections / recommendations
• Repair and overhaul of valves in our UK factory, fully tested and certified.
• Provision of "Certified approved" spare parts
• Advice for maintenance programme
• Routine repairs and inspections during outages / Turnaround
• Site visit testing

Glenfield Valves Ltd offers a fast and efficient parts supply service.

Parts are pre-packaged in kits and are available directly from Glenfield facilities in the UK or the Global Network of AVK Sales Office.

A full service re-build of the valve may be appropriate and can be carried out in our Kilmarnock UK factory. All valves will be subject to retesting and warranty.

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