Introducing Another Glenfield Innovation To Solve Industry Issues.

s756.jpgGlenfield Valves Limited is pleased to announce the launch of the New Series 756 Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve for which datasheets are available to download.

As part of the AVK group, we pride ourselves in being one of the leading manufacturers of large bore valves for waterworks, transmission lines, dams and reservoirs. The latest Series 756 is our most recent innovation and has been designed to maintain the high quality and integrity of the previous Series 756.

All aspects of the operation and maintenance of the valve remain the same. The new valve design incorporates an improved seal arrangement allowing FULL BI-DIRECITONAL functionality as standard together with optimised operating torques. The new valve design is also lighter than the previous version with an average reduction in mass of 30% for the PN16 design. In addition a PN10 rated valve design has been introduced making this option more competitive for lower pressure applications due to average mass reductions of 50% compared to the previous PN10 offer. The size range offered is DN1400 2200.

At the same time there is added value in terms of improved true life cost, ease of installation, reductions in the impact of carbon emissions and future raw material fluctuations through more modern and efficient design and manufacturing processes.

The Series 756 Butterfly Valve is designed according to BS EN 593 Standard. Like the previous Series 756, the new design is coated using 2 pack epoxy: Blue RAL5017 externally and ribbon blue to BS4800 internally (WRAS approved).

The new Series 756 will now be offered as standard on all quotations for PN10 and PN16 design. The PN25 design is still manufactured to the existing proven design of Series 756.

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