Glenfield Valves Ltd are delighted to announce our collaboration with Orbinox Valves International from Spain. 

Both member companies of the AVK Group have considerable experience and expertise in supplying valve
solutions to hydro projects around the world.  This collaboration will provide an increased focus on the
Dams, Reservoirs and Hydropower market segment as well as greatly enhancing the overall product range that
both companies can now offer.  The downloadable Dams, Reservoirs and Hydropower Product Guide provides
information on the various isolation and control valves that we can offer for global hydro projects



 Dams, Reservoirs and Hydropower Product Guide  



Posted by Robina on Thursday, 26-Mar-2015 14:07 PM

Pedu Dam
Largest Glenfield Free Discharge Valves in History Supplied to Malaysia

Two DN2200 Series 857 Free Discharge Valves have been designed, manufactured, assembled and tested at Glenfield. This increase 
in size has greatly enhanced the product offer of our Discharge valve range.
DN2200 Free Discharge Valve

These free discharge valves are the largest size that Glenfield has ever made since the first supply of this valve type back in 1955.  
The valves are to be installed at Pedu Dam which is located in the Kedah region of Malaysia, constructed in the late 1960’s.  This 
dam is undergoing full refurbishment works and as part of this, the existing discharge valves require to be replaced.

The dam is a rockfill design with a maximum height of 61m and a length of 220m at the top.  It has a considerable reservoir storage 
volume of 1073 x 106 cubic metres (the equivalent of over 430,000 Olympic sized swimming pools).

These Glenfield free discharge valves will be used for emergency draw-off purposes with each valve being required to discharge over 70m3/s.
The valves have successfully completed their hydrostatic testing at Glenfield’s facility.

Glenfield has a strong historical tie with Malaysia and have supplied many free and submerged discharge valves to this country’s 
dams and reservoirs for over 20 years and are continuing to work closely with our colleagues at AVK Malaysia.

Greg Morris (Dams & Reservoirs Manager, Glenfield Valves Ltd)

Posted by Robina on Wednesday, 25-Feb-2015 17:25 PM



In May of this year, Glenfield in conjunction with AVK India secured a prestige project from Dhaka Water and Sewage Authority in Bangladesh for a total of 193 x S.859 Automatic Control Valves. The valves ranging from 100mm to 300mm Dia. were manufactured in our Kilmarnock facility in less than 20 weeks meeting a strict project timeline. A number of logistical challenges were overcame, with the initial customers inspection completed in August and the complete contract available for shipment by end of September.


Posted by Robina on Wednesday, 01-Oct-2014 15:55 PM

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