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Introduction to Glenfield Valves Ltd

Glenfield Valves LimitedGlenfield Valves was established back in 1852 and as such one of the most experienced valve manufacturers in the World.

Since the world leading AVK Group acquired Glenfield in 2001 - design & technologies from other acquired UK valve manufacturers (ie Bestobell / Blakeborough, Guest & Chrimes/Saint Gobain) have been incorporated into Glenfield's Product Offer.

Glenfield Valves LimitedMajor investments into Glenfield Valves Ltd during 2005/06 have ensured we are ready to meet the ever increasing requirements from the Global Water Industry.

Today we are the AVK Group's specialist manufacturing company for pressure/flow control valves (automatic as well as non automatic design), large diameter gate/butterfly valves, non-slam recoil and conventional check valves, air valves, ball float valves etc.

To assist our partners with local after sales service, project follow up, approvals with local utilities etc - Glenfield have employed Product Specialist Engineers in following areas: United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Hong Kong / China & South Africa.

To support the American and Canadian Markets, ‘Glenfield America’ have a network of agents across the regions promoting ALL products that are manufactured throughout the AVK Group.

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